How To Create A US iTunes Account For FREE (After Card Purchase)

How To Setup A US ITunes Account Without A US Credit Card (Using A US Gift Card!)

  • First, open & log out of your iTunes account
  • At the bottom of the page change your store to the US iTunes store (the red, white, and blue flag)
  • Purchase a US Gift card from us
  • Press the redeem button in iTunes
  • Enter in the code
  • Create a new account for US iTunes
  • Type in a random US Street address, ex: 1300 S Beach St Fort Worth, TX 76105
  • You will now have a US iTunes account!
  • Now you can buy musics, TV shows and Movies only available in US iTunes store!

How To Get iTunes Account In Another Country

Firstly, you don’t need a credit card and this is one of the easiest ways to get a US itunes account. You can use this method to buy anything from the US iTunes store even if you are overseas and nowhere near the US. You can even buy things like Apple’s iWork suite or even tv shows like Lost or The Office.

  • You can have multiple iTunes acct in the same country
  • You can use this method OUTSIDE the US.
  • You can have multiple iTunes acct on 1 iPhone, iPod, or iPad in different countries
  • You can be logged in to any of your iTunes accounts and still download from all of the others

1) Log out of your iTunes account by opening iTunes and logging out.

2) On the iTunes Store at the bottom of the page, you will see a “change country” button, or you can also click on the country flag.

3) Select the US iTunes store by selecting United States with the Red, White and Blue flag.

4) Contact us via: and buy your first US itunes gift card! While that codes being delivered, download any free app, the first free app you see.

5) Select the app and try to download, when Apple asks you to sign in, Create a new account instead.

6) Continue to create your United States itunes account

7) Accept the terms and conditions

8) Fill in with your email (that hasn’t been used in the app store before) password and security questions.

9) This window will now ask for you to use a credit card to register your account, but you don’t have to!!, simply enter in your US itunes gift card code and you can immediately be accessing the USA itunes store!

10) SWEETNESS!!! You now have a 100% working United States, US, iTunes store account. This account can be used to download anything you want now!
You can now download any free or paid tv shows, apps, movies, or music from the US itunes store.